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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Creator of Hip Slope Mama & Momasphere Interviewed by The Huffington Post!

By Melissa Lopata

I am so excited to have been interviewed by one of my favorite online publications, The Huffington Post! My interview was one of a three-part series on "Super Moms".

Wow, I'm a "Super Mom"! I don't always feel like a super mom, especially when I'm barely functioning on 3 hrs of sleep and running around my apartment at the last minute looking for my son's other shoe. Ultimately, I think this series of interviews is more about letting mom's know that all mothers are "super moms", especially if they are striving to build an identity and find a purpose while managing a family. Whether you are a stay at home or working mom, it's important to look for ways to be fulfilled beyond being a wife and mother. There are always growing pains involved w/self-realization, but, in the end, this benefits everyone in the family. Topics included in my interview were: being a mom-trepeuner, the mission of Momasphere (Hip Slope Mama's new national sister site) and it's mantra "Whole Women Make Whole Moms", how I manage to balance Momasphere and family, being a multicultural family and advice on how to connect with other moms. Here are some excerpts (you can read the complete interview on The Huffington Post HERE):

What inspired you to start Momasphere?
I had left corporate America and a very high-pressured position as a VP of marketing. I had made a decision, before I went on maternity leave, to just leave corporate America for at least a little while and stay home with Baby Sphere. It was definitely an economic sacrifice for my family, to lose one very good household income. [Laughs] But we made the decision together.

I think in the back of my mind I always had the DNA of an entrepreneur simmering in me. So I also decided to use that time away to do a bit of soul-searching and figure out what my calling was. I think in the course of that time period when I was with Baby Sphere and doing all this soul-searching...you know, motherhood just becomes so all-encompassing in your life!

It really does!
I don't think moms, or moms-to-be realize how completely all-encompassing it is, what an incredible change of lifestyle it is. It's a different way of thinking about your whole life.

It was interesting to me, and I felt like my transition into the world of motherhood was kind of daunting. I felt like I had to reinvent myself. It became a little overwhelming. For me, I couldn't quite find my niche. [At this point our two boys decide to have a screaming match.] I [didn't really feel like a] stay-at-home mom. Especially, a lot of moms in the city have their babies a little later in life. I had my child when I was almost 40, so I feel like I had developed this character, this personality and way of living that was so embedded in me, so deep, so well-formed, that I didn't really know what to do with myself. I didn't really feel like I fit into the whole "mommy meet-up" environment. [Laughs] I felt like there really wasn't an environment that dealt with the mother in her whole spectrum of being. It seemed like the mommy blogs that were out there, and the mommy meet-up groups, and playgroups, all focused around the child. Very baby-centric. Click Here>