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Monday, June 9, 2008

Hilary McHone: Behind the Camera

The process of reinventing oneself is something that I find fascinating these days. I've decided to take all my readers along on my own personal spiritual journey of redefining who I am. As part of this exciting process, I've been speaking to many interesting Park Slope women whose stories of redefinition I find captivating. Hoping that their lives help illuminate my obstacles to creativity and help me bravely follow my bliss. Along comes Hilary McHone, a wonderfully creative local Photographer I am planning on enlisting to take portraits of my new family. Here, she shares with Hip Slope Mama how life ended up revising her plans and how a new beautiful, unexpected picture (or should I say pictures) emerged.

You can keep up with Hilary in the following places:

Her photography website (soon to be re-vamped): www.hilarymchonephotography.com or her blog (Hilary's Hideaway): www.hilarymchone.blogspot.com. If you are looking for a photographer and would like a quote, please contact her at mchone@gmail.com.

"My name is Hilary McHone, also known as Brooklyn Hilary. I'm a photographer.

Although I've had cameras within reach ever since I was a little kid, it was only a couple years ago that I fully embraced my passion for photography. At that time, I went through many changes in my life. I was hospitalized unexpectedly, a long-term relationship ended, and I received my MBA.

As all of this was happening, I re-discovered my camera. I began documenting life obsessively. Every day, I would wake up early, grab my equipment, and shoot. My first project was photographing details of Park Slope, Brooklyn,
street by street. All my senses were heightened. I saw and captured details that I never before would have noticed. And people began to respond.

"Gate - Carrol Street" - Photo By: Hilary McHone

I felt a weird guilt attached to photography initially. Was I missing out on life because I was behind the camera all the time? Was I capturing the routines of others at the expense of doing my own thing?


A new world was discovered. I was able to tap into my creativity, which had been somewhat stifled by, well, the way I thought I was supposed to live. For my entire life I'd been envious of people who had passion. Something they
had to do. Suddenly photography was that thing for me.

I started realizing that I could use my artistic skills and my MBA on my own photography business rather than having to put on a suit and go to an office every day. As soon as I made that decision, it was as if the whole world was working with me to make it happen. I began getting gigs, most of which have been through word-of-mouth.

In the beginning, I photographed things. It didn't take long, though, for me to discover that I had a knack for taking portraits. I love working with people and find that they quickly become comfortable around me.

Types of work I've done include live performance (five of my theater photos have been published in the New York Times), promotional shots for bands/musicians, portraits, headshots, products, parties, and events.

Something uniquely mine is
Fauxtobooth. I began this as a tool to get people comfortable in front of my camera. I'd snap a bunch of consecutive photos as they pretended they were in a photo booth. It broke the ice, allowed them to loosen up, and often resulted in some fabulously fun photos. Now I have an entire setup specifically for my Fauxtobooth. I'm hired to come to parties with a selection of backdrops and props and give guests a more fun, personal photo booth experience.

I also continue to do more artistic projects for myself. In March, I showed a selection of photos from my recent trip to Malaysia. Currently I am working on a new Park Slope project, I am planning a show with fellow photographer Andre Stoeriko, and I am collaborating with L.A. based artist Rick Baker".