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Friday, August 8, 2008

What Do You Want To Say To The World? - Finding the Right Style of Glasses for You

By Mary McRae, ABO

Is your style fun and sassy but your glasses tell another story? Have you stopped short by neglecting the most important and outwardly noticeable accessory on your body? Glasses are not just medical devices anymore-they tell the world what we're all about. A simple choice of frame or dabble with color can reveal a lot of a person's personality. Between all of the running around with your kids and chasing your career, is it time to take a look at your style and update your look? Glasses make the first impression so listen up!

There are a lot of styles to choose from when selecting glasses, and Park Slope Eye patients have a wardrobe of glasses to choose from that help them express their look. Not everyone has the time to be avid Park Slope observers, so I have identified a few popular trends in our neighborhood. Who do you relate to? Do you hone your own individual style? Whatever it is, a perfect frame exists for you! I can help you find it.

Hollywood Starlet: These fashion-forward-femininas are not afraid of the oversized and bejeweled glasses! Often times found on the most petite face coupled with the equally unapologetic handbag to match. These Park Slopers are confident and the projected image confirms it. If a young tot is in tow, you can bet that their outfit is just as well put together, color coordinated, and succinct as their beloved mamma. Think Tom Ford, Gucci, and Marc Jacobs when seeking out this sensation! Also picture "bling" to catch the eye of the unassuming!

Wall Street Tycoon:
This Park Sloper commutes to work everyday after picking up their suit at the dry cleaner on the corner. Their hair is perfect, their nails are manicured, and their children are off to private school. They opt for the classic shape that contours their carefully manicured appearance. From Armani suit, Cartier watch, to Robert Marc or Tom Ford glasses, they have matched the quality in their attire to the quality in their work as professionals. Quite the dapper individual with perfectly selected black, tortoise shell, or gunmetal frames to compliment their attire.

Naughty Librarian:
Generally a woman with retro-sass, keen intellect, and unapologetic appeal. She can be spotted at the Tea Lounge on her laptop sipping a chai tea latte while engrossed in online chatter. She is creative and her wardrobe confirms. Often clad in dark colors, she sports an elegant and dramatic "cat-eye" glasses with little or no label, stifling the ability of others to match her creativity. She chooses dramatic colors from black, tortoise shell, and red. For my favorite no logo, high quality specs, look for Modo and Tom Ford.

Rayban Retro:
The Rayban has been an American icon for decades, but they have re-emerged as the "geek chic" choice of the year. You pick your decade-think 70's aviator or 80's new wave wayfarer! True Rayban fans will sport the wayfarer as regular clear glasses while the more timid will downsize with the sunglass model. Whether worn with clear lenses or dark, a Rayban Retro will be wearing tight jeans, wearing an equally retro hat, and maybe even a vest to satisfy this look. Try spicing things up even more by dabbling with the new colors- bright red, purple, pink, and green wayfarers. With the different colors and inexpensive price, you can afford to have a different color everyday!

Whatever your Park Slope Persona is, glasses can help seal the deal. Picking out glasses is both an art and a science so it should be entrusted with the appropriate keen eye. It is a big decision- it is the very first impression. My specialty and passion at Park Slope Eye is to find the perfect frame for your individual style. We have a lot of high tech gadgets that can help this be an interactive process. The Optikam system allows you to take up to four pictures with different glasses to compare them, and even has the option to email the pictures to friends. We recognize the impact glasses have on one's style and we want to be sure the patient feels confident in their selection. Ultimately we want you to look (and see!) the best you've ever felt in a pair of glasses. We guarantee you will be impressed!

With an Eye on what's best in eyecare for children (and the rest of us) Park Slope Eye, a new Optometric practice, opened in Park Slope, Brooklyn on July 12th, 2008.

Mary McRae, ABO and Dr. Justin Bazan, OD
of Park Slope Eye

Dr. Justin Bazan, OD is a board certified graduate of the prestigious SUNY State College of Optometry in New York City and is a graduate of Trinity College in San Antonio, Texas. He is a member of numerous professional associations and frequently attends optometric gatherings and conferences, and is committed to continuing and ongoing education in his field.

Dr. Bazan donates his services through an American Optometric Association program called Infantsee, which offers free eye exams for infants 6 months to one year of age. He also donates his expertise to children in need, by offering one free exam to one child per week who is unable to find affordable eye care. Through college, Dr. Bazan was involved in a mentoring program for elementary school children and he volunteered at a local children's shelter on a weekly basis. You can read his blog at: www.justinbazan.wordpress.com

Mary McRae has been recognized as an ABO-certified Optician, and is a graduate of the University of Washington. She has worked in family practice optometry, for an opthamology office and for a large national chain. Most recently, Mary ran a very successful store for a national chain - receiving "Store of the Year" recognition for two years, for more than tripling the patient base since the time she began managing the store. Mary has recently been featured in an online news articles by cnn.com and lifetime.com.