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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Do You Know a Sacred Baby?

Kim and her niece, Farrah

By Kim Kirkley

Folks ask me what is a Sacred Baby? Well that name --- really that awareness has everything to do with my 14 month old niece, Farrah. My sister, Farrah and I were enjoying a festival at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. As anyone can see, Farrah is a very beautiful, very friendly baby. She attracts a lot of attention. One woman asks her name and my sister tells her, Farrah. The woman replies "I guess that kind of means 'Sacred Baby.'" And we laughed. I knew that, although "Farrah" actually means "joyful," anyone who looks at the child -- from the flash of her gaze to the satiny glow of her deep chocolate complexion -- can see that she is indeed sacred. In her innocence and exuberance, pure energy is palpable. It is easy to see. She is not shy about giving her full beauty to the world and that was the challenge with having her at the Festival. She wants to say "hi" to everybody and tries with her sweet little hands to actually touch them -- To more fully connect with them.

But here's the thing, and it is something that I have learned the hard way -- it is in you too. Let's look at these words – Sacred and Baby. Sacred, of course is traditionally defined as, "connected with God (or the gods)" and another definition – the one that applies here is "regarded with great respect and reverence." A baby of course is "a very young child, esp. one newly or recently born." Yet, informally a baby is "a thing regarded with affection." Now that's what I'm talking about – a being to be regarded with great respect, reverence, and affection. That is who you really are!

You are a Sacred Baby and you don't need to be shy about giving your full beauty to the world. The sacred you is in your body, hoping to fully engage in the world. She's in there. He's in there. Behind our New York City cool – there is a spirit – regardless of our belief systems or any prior bad act – that deserves our affection, care and reverence. The Sacred Baby in you is that pure energy that is your purpose in being alive. You are here to share that pure energy for your good and ours. You are here to be happy and to thrive.

I am not talking about religion. That is another frequency. I am talking about that force that needs no name and turns seeds into flowers and caterpillars into butterflies. That force that makes the your heart beat fifty million times a year. That force that causes the universe to keep expanding. Like every other aspect of our universe, we are here to grow. That energy that turns seeds into flowers flows through you. You are here to grow and like any other seed you are here to bloom. What is it encouraging you to grow into?

Like any other seed in order to grow into your potential, you need a nurturing environment. We see it in nature all of the time. If a seed is planted in healthy soil and receives the water, nutrition and sunlight it needs, it will bloom. However, if the seed finds itself in a barren or harsh environment, it won't grow to its full potential. If the conditions are really bad, it withers and dies.

Now we can't change the past and one of my deepest wishes is that we stop beating ourselves up by rehashing the past. It is over. I tend to be the worst at this. I have to remind the only moment we have control over is the present moment. Eleanor Roosevelt is quoted as saying "Yesterday is history. Tomorow is a mystery. And today is a gift. That's why they call it the present." So I am letting go of the past today – starting my new life today. Will you join me? Will you send some love to your Sacred Baby and find out what she is here to share?

Kim Kirkley is a joyful professional Celebrant/Interfaith Minister who delights in performing personalized ceremonies and the founder of the Happiness Attraction System TM. She hosts a monthly praise party on the fourth Thursday of every month. Please contact her at CelebrantKim@gmail.com or visit www.ourelegantceremony.com.