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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


BABY ACUPUNTURE When I was pregnant with Sammy my sister-in-law recommended I try acupunture because stress at work had hit an all time high for me. She had tried it during her second pregnancy and noticed a big difference in how both daughters handled stress as babies. The baby who had had the treatments was much more calm and slept more easily through the night. I needed no further convincing to give it a try. In my view, it was a win/win situation. Acupunture would help me recalibrate my nervous system to better cope with a neurotic boss and help produce a tranquil "angel baby" to boot.

My baby, Sammy, turned out to be quite a peaceful little tot. I like to attribute his temperament to the sessions I had while pregnant. Now at 4 months old, I am considering taking him to have acupuncture treatments so that that his baby chakras can get off to a good start in life. Babies as young as six weeks old are receiving acupuncture to treat complaints including sleeping, ear infections, feeding problems and even developmental disabilities such as autism. Parents are turning to the alternative therapy when traditional treatments fall short. Of course, one should always check with a doctor before beginning acupunture treatments for babies or children. The best use of acupunture for babies, children and adults is with a combination of homeotherapy and nutrition.

After just one session, I was tingling, alert & energetic and so was Sammy. I felt him do a little happy dance in my belly. Try my Acupunturist in Park Slope www.slopeacupunture.com and see how you feel after a session.