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Tuesday, December 18, 2007



What does it take to be the best friend, girlfriend, wife, mom, daughter, sister, etc. that you can be? Being an enlightened human being takes Herculean effort. Some would say that the spiritual lessons needed to reach this type of contemporary relationship nirvana could only be gained through many different lifetimes. Imagine the emotional baggage acquired from so many incarnations.

While sharing a cup of coffee this weekend with my friend, she told me about an amazing experience she had had with Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). As she drew a picture of her experience for me, I felt like I was being transported to a mystical alternate reality. It was like something straight out of the Celestine Prophecy. She explained that SRT is a powerful healing method that works on a soul level to heal negative emotions. These harmful mindsets have been programmed into being over the course of many lifetimes. According to this theory, we form relationships with family and friends because we are attached to them through soul trees. The various characters in our life today, played diverse roles in our past lifetimes. For instance, our grandfather in one life could have been our wife in another. All characters, including you, can change sex from one life to the other. You could imagine the dramatic soap operas that play out throughout the course of many incarnations with your soul tree family. There are betrayals and disappointments, as well as great moments of love. I had heard about hypnosis and past life regression to help heal emotional wounds that carry over from past lives, but this was different. It was more interactive and it supposedly draws from the collection consciousness. Once plots of betrayal from past lives are revealed, the SRT specialist will actually telepathically ask living people that have harmed you in past lives to release the inharmonious link in this life. Some souls are hesitant to let go of the dysfunctional connections, however most usually concede. Once this occurs, there is usually a visible improvement in a person’s ability to live life joyously and all emotional blocks disappear.
The system of SRT involves using a pendulum, a set of charts, and a specific series of questions to complete the clearing of all discordant programming in the subconscious mind and the soul records. According to ancient cultures, the Akashic Records or soul records are a record of all our past lives. As esoteric as this all sounded, I believe that mankind is somehow interwoven. I liked the idea of a collective consciousness made up of a cast of characters that were in our past lives to help us grow and vice versa. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy to think that we were all in this together for a higher purpose. Even our enemies are there to teach us valuable lessons. It’s good to know that clairvoyant mediators are available to help us forgive and give us a clean slate. Life is too challenging and exciting to be carrying an ancient grudge.