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Monday, March 31, 2008


Obama: Clean Slate Fuels Propaganda

Barack Obama gave a moving speech that will ensure his place in the history books regardless if he wins the Democratic nomination or not. It was a risky speech that challenged to confront one of the biggest issues in American culture, race. What person could better convey the thoughts and fears of both white and black than Obama? His up bringing allows him to transcend both the white and black fears, jeers, and frustrations that have fueled the undertow of Americana since the end of the civil war.

It is clear that Obama can inspire. A much needed quality in a potential leader in this day and age. He fits all the qualifiers of an underdog as well. Another American passion. But who is Barrack Obama? Is he really the man to help raise America and its people back to the status of pre-Bush stature?

Because of his clean slate there are numerous stories floating around the internet about this potentially great man. We all know that he experimented with drugs and actually inhaled and snorted. We all know that there was a real estate deal with a shady figure. Oh and lets not forget the claim that Senator Obama is a Muslim. But there is more. That he is friends with key members of the weatherman group that planted bombs of protest in the 60's. Men that have never apologized for their actions. Stories that his mentor in Hawaii was a communist. That he is a Manchurian candidate groomed by the trilateralists to do their bidding. That he refuses to wear the American flag on his lapel. Is all this entirely true? Or is this just half-truth further embellished by propaganda in an attempt to undermine what could be a great leader in a time of great need.

Obama has the gift to confront this nation's issues with a levelheaded candor not seen in a President for sometime. If Obama became President he would take on the beltway community head on but with an open hand for compromise. Even if he were to get stonewalled by the bureaucratic elite his case would be made public to the people. Exposing to all the why he can't factors that has plagued the Capital for decades as secrets in the shadows.

I like Hillary Clinton too, but when she lies about snipers in Bosnia I cannot imagine what else she has lied and will lie about as President.

In the end I am a dreamer. The last President to move me as Obama has but in a different way was Ronald Reagan whom everyone underestimated as well. I know it sounds ironic but President Reagan made me proud to be an American again. I feel that Barrack Obama can do the same in this time and place. His speech on race was a strong step in the right direction.