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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Baby Yourself!

Robyn Myhr, new Park Slope mom
and owner of Get Luminous

By Robyn Myhr

The soft baby skin of my three week old son Hudson, touches my heart and soul as I open my laptop with him snuggled on my chest. Yes, I am a first time mom with three weeks under my belt! Even though Hudson is not yet a month old, he has taught me so much. His lesson's started the day I found out I was pregnant. I wanted my baby to have the best start to life I could offer. So I made sure to take good care of myself during my pregnancy. I nourished my body with healthy foods (except my pizza and ice Cream addiction), meditated most days (or at least took a nap), practiced prenatal yoga (loved rolling around on the floor and resting on pillows), and spent plenty of time resting on the couch (became a bit of a reality television addict)!. Two days after his due date, my son arrived with a room full of family welcoming him. Everyone was so loving and accepting of this new little being. They looked at him with such love and acceptance. Babies are so cute, little, and helpless, that most adults respond to them with open arms and hearts. Think about it the first time a baby cries. We are delighted to hear this healthy sound. No one tells the baby to be quiet or ignores him. Then, the first time a baby poops and pees we again say good job and are happy to see proof that the little one is being nourished. Babies get fed, take naps, play, get tons of kisses and hugs, and explore new things daily.

Robyn's three week old son Hudson

We can learn so much from little ones by treating ourselves in some of the same ways we treat babies. Here are a few ways you can pamper yourself like the precious being you are…..

  • See where in your life you can include more touch. Try adding more hugs, pats on the back, massages, kisses, manicures, or snuggling up to your pet. Notice how your body and spirit feel when they are being paid attention to.

  • What kind of food is your body asking for? If you are craving something less than healthy, how can you upgrade this food to make it better for you? When I was craving pizza and ice cream, I would buy organic frozen pizza and add toppings like olives, spinach, and goat cheese. For ice cream, I would treat myself to a delicious mini marble scoop of organic ice cream at Blue Marble in Brooklyn. Giving your body the highest quality of what it is craving upgrades the quality of your life!

  • Look at life as if you are seeing it for the first time. Many of us get stuck in a daily rut that may leave us tired and drained. Looking at your life in a whole new way lets you explore what you need more of. Some days you may need more play and others more rest. Just as a baby spends some days sleeping more or playing more, tune into your daily needs. Try to devote this month to finding new ways to baby yourself and those you love!

Feel free to share with me what worked for you by emailing me at robyn@getluminous.com

Robyn Myhr is a Holistic Life Coach and new mommy living in Park Slope. She works with women who are seeking more peace and balance in their daily lives. She is a regular contributor to Hip Slope Mama. To find out more about her services go to www.getluminous.com