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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bubbles and Bubbly Contest: Win a Maytag Bravo HE washer/dryer, or a year’s supply of WiskHE detergent!

By Ellen Bari

I recently went to an event in a gorgeous loft in the West 20’s called Bubbles and Bubbly. I got certified as a Bubble & HE Expert. Now as a mom, being a bubble expert might seem like no big deal: I use bubble baths to soothe away the blues, megasized bubble jars to amuse, tearless bubbles in our shampoos, bubble wrap for Cinderella’s glass shoes, and a little bubbly to invite the muse….but me, an HE expert?! (With a daughter, and a new venture that creates programs and events for moms, I’m probably more of an SHE expert.)

So I learned that HE stands for high efficiency, as in household appliances and laundry detergents. HE in appliances is actually a good thing because it saves energy and water. It turns out HE washers use 20% to 66% less water than traditional washers and as little as 20 to 50 percent of the energy because there’s much less water to heat. So it’s a win/win- save money and the environment at the same time. These machines do best with HE detergents.

So to get the aforementioned certification, in white lab coats, we tested the results ourselves, and were able to see how less is more when it comes to bubbles, and HE detergents. At the other end of the spectrum, we also got to test champagne, and learned that the more pinheaded bubbles in your glass, the better the champagne quality. I also had my bubbles read, and learned that my future looks, well…bubbly.

So if this makes you think that maybe your washer is not as efficient as you’d like it to be, or that you’re not using the best detergent for your HE machine, enter this contest and you can win a pair of gorgeous red HE washer/dryer, or a year’s supply of WiskHE detergent. http://laundryhe.com/contest/. If you’re really determined, you can sign in everyday!