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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Area Kids Goes Green & Bagless

Kids (www.areakids.com), a fabulous & hip environmentally conscious chain of Brooklyn-based toy, clothing, and children's accessories stores are going completely bag less. Instead of offering customers the traditional plastic or paper bag, they now offer baggu reusable shopping bags for $5 with any purchase, $8 without purchase. Customer reactions have fallen on both ends of the spectrum.

Baggu Reusable Shopping Bags now available at Area Kids for $5

Some customers have responded with accusations of Area Kids, "...just trying to save a few bucks." Area Kids believes saving the environment AND a few dollars on the side makes the change more then worth the effort. Other customers have reacted by demanding plastic or paper bags, refusing to be, "pushed into purchasing" a reusable bag, and telling associates they think the change is, "ridiculous."

Yet, other customers have reacted with extreme enthusiasm, happily agreeing to either purchase a baggu bag or simply carry the items they purchased. "Just yesterday one of our regular customers raved about how wonderful it was that Area Kids was going bagless," associate Amandine said. "She happily picked up all of her items and carried them home."

Area Kids owner Loretta Gendville, can be reached at lgendville@gmail.com