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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Writeous Chicks Is Offering The Third Annual New Year's Women's Writing Workshop!

Writeous Chicks is offering it's third annual New Year's writing workshop on January 10th! WRITE Into The New Year! is an All-Day Writing Party, which is a deluxe, super-sized, full-day version of my WRITE NOW! workshops. This class is perfect for you if you want more time to explore your voice & your stories, and to EXPRESS & NURTURE yourself! Devote an entire day JUST FOR YOU and see what unfolds...If you think you can't write all day, or that you will run out of things to say: You can. And you won't.

The beginning of a brand-new year is an excellent time to go inside, reflect on your past year, and get clear on your focus and intentions for the year to come, which makes it the perfect time to WRITE! Join us on Saturday, January 10th to set the tone for the new year and kick 2009 off right (or um, write!)! Let's celebrate new beginnings and rock this writing party!!! Workshop details are below. They are offering an "Early Chick" discount if you sign up before December 1st! Contact Jennifer at jeng@writeouschicks.com or (917) 509-7564 to reserve your spot in this workshop today!

A reminder that the classes are designed for women at ALL LEVELS with their writing practice - Jennifer has had students who have never written before to those who want to write purely for their own enjoyment to those who are pursuing writing professionally. Experience level does not matter! All that matters is that you have a passion for writing and a desire to write!
Writeous Chicks publicize classes primarily by word-of-mouth, so please forward this email on to fabulous women everywhere!!! Thank you for helping spread the word! In gratitude, Jennifer offers referral bonuses of class discounts, please inquire for more information!