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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Controlled Chaos

By Robyn Myhr

Finally I found the time to try out a Mommy/Baby yoga class. I wasn’t sure how much benefit I was going to get out of class. I mean how much yoga can you do with a newborn at your side? My instructor Sasha started by saying, “during this class you may find yourself in a state of controlled chaos”. I thought that was a great way to look at parenthood in general! With that in mind, I reminded myself to just go with the flow of the class and my baby. As we started to move through the yoga poses, Sasha would remind us to breathe. Oh yeah BREATHE! Since becoming a mom I had forgotten how to take a good deep cleansing breath of air. No wonder I had been feeling a bit low on energy and stressed out. For the remainder of class, I made breathing my number one task (I was even able to stay with my breath through two diaper changes). Just by breathing deeply I felt more grounded and ready to take on any chaos that would come my way. You don’t have to go to a yoga class to enjoy the benefits that breathing deeply will bring you. This is something you can do anytime, anywhere, and it won’t cost you time or money!

Benefits of Breathing Fully:

- Clears your mind and gives you more energy by increasing oxygen to the brain

- Reduces stress

- Boosts your immune system by removing toxins from your body

Here is a simple exercise you can do to deepen your breath so you feel more energized and ready to face your day. You can do this exercise while in the shower, on the subway, or changing a diaper!

1. Start by breathing in to the count of six and then breath out to the count of six.

2. Then while breathing in, start to fill your lower belly, then mid-belly, then upper chest, followed by six counts exhaling starting with your upper chest, mid-belly, then lower belly. While you are breathing, notice if you are holding any tension in your body. If you are, let the flow of the breath wash away the tension.

Just remember that life can be chaotic, but one thing that will always be available to you is your calming breath. Here’s to going with the flow!!

Robyn Myhr is a Holistic Life Coach and new mommy living in Park Slope. She works with women who are seeking more peace and balance in their daily lives. She is a regular contributor to Hip Slope Mama. To find out more about her services go to www.getluminous.com