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Monday, November 23, 2009

Start Talking About Money

Galia Gichon

For those of you that know me, you know that I tend to be a practical person. I worked on Wall Street, I have an MBA and focus on providing lots of practical tips. However, over the last eight years of working with thousands of you, I realize more and more that it takes more than tips to achieve money success. It takes implementing money into our conversation on a weekly basis. Not sure where to begin? A few suggestions.

1) Have one new conversation about money this week. Not a complaint. Try "do you think this is a good time to invest?" or "Are you taking advantage of lower interest rates?"

2) Enlist a friend. Start a money buddy contest between the two of you, sign up for a seminar or class together.

3) Read the business headlines or personal finance headlines on sites. There are many great articles that focus on helping you, not just scaring you. Cnnmoney.com has some great articles!

4) Spend consciously. Take a few minutes and write down the things you REALLY love to do. Is this where your money goes? Or does it go toward items you really can't remember or don't care about.

5) If you are married or in a partnership, schedule a money date. Make it fun and discuss investing styles. If you aren't sure what your styles are, discuss the instant money tips found in "My Money Matters" kit (www.mymoneykit.com).

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