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Friday, August 7, 2009

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If you live in Brooklyn, I highly recommend this Sunday Suppers class-cooking-dining experience, Sun, 8/16 http://bit.ly/RIb04

RT @FSSimon Considering: "A-Ha! Learning Partners| Preschool play ideas for parents ( http://bit.ly/uGAUh )
My 2yr old son is in the Park Slope Reader posing in a coat by grt local kids clothing designer Half Dot Brooklyn: http://bit.ly/51PFW

Come to the complimentary yoga class at Lululemon's Brooklyn Showroom in Park Slope every Sat 10-11am! http://bit.ly/4bvN6Y

Bethany Frankel (Real Housewives of New York City) & I at an invitation only concert for Kanye West Thurs night http://twitpic.com/czuso

Rt @SwSatchidananda Our 1st & foremost duty toward building up our health is to take care of what we think. Invite only beautiful thoughts.

RT @TheBrooklynBeat RT @thedailybeast Carrie Bradshaw and Me: http://bit.ly/PVP9R

RT @ForbesWoman Oxford University says: Swedish husbands do the most housework! Sign me up! http://tw9.us/Al

Amen - RT @MagicalDays "This is what parenting is--shit. And food. And shit. And food. Mostly shit." ~Nancy Botwin, nightwaking on Weeds

No more battery operated toys! If I hear "I've Been Working On The Railroad" blurt out of Thomas The Train Guitar 1 more time, I'll loose it!

Hip Slope Mama contributor/Park Slope mom, Jen Lee, is a truly talented poet/writer. Here's her new book "Fortunes" http://bit.ly/3v8vt0

RT @unmarketing Awesome, esp last paragraph RT @Aspiretoo: Tyler Perry Surprises Snubbed Kids with Trip to Disney World http://bit.ly/3hTwtZ

He did it. Hooray Bill! @BitchMedia Bill Clinton helps free Laura Ling & Euna Lee: http://bit.ly/JdGWF (via NYT)

Hip Slope Mama's Regular Contributor/Parenting expert Dr. Laura Markham's Radio Show ea Weds, Secrets of Happy Parents http://bit.ly/Gn71B

RT @lynncorinne You just got Posted! scathing *and* accurate response to WaPo notfunnyness: http://bit.ly/3n0khC

Just saw a man w/a coffee bean tattoo. As a coffee lover, I can't say I've reached that level of devotion yet, but I respect it

Hoopilates is pilates w/hoola hoops! Small, wkly classes in Prospect Park. RSVP for the next class $10 this Sun, 8/9 hoopilatesnyc@gmail.com

Hilarious! This is quite awesome. I can't stop watching KCSCougar's spoofs of Bravo Reality TV shows http://www.youtube.com/user...

RT @TheMamaBee Today at The Mama Bee: The Myth of the Judging Mommy and Why It's Hurting Women http://bit.ly/Wb1By

@TheBrooklynBeat Nothing like drummer's trance: Forgetting oneself in the power of the whole. Here is Drummer's Grove http://bit.ly/1f4GYC

RT @CreativeBKLYN @effedparkslope: Gorgeous $7k/month apt 4 $700 from Daffys: http://bit.ly/rnkd2. Catch? You gotta make a pleading video

Who’s really winning the homebirth debate http://bit.ly/G2M6V

Free recording of webinar w/a brain development specialist. Learn about what's happening inside the minds of babies & toddlers http://bit.ly/xJWeN

“Chick lit” gets an update Rd about Prospect Park West, book about Park Slope moms http://bit.ly/10PKdJ RT @Amysohn @raquelita @doreeshafrir

Win a Catered Dinner for 10 (plus kids) from Susie's Supper Club over at @mommypoppins http://bit.ly/16F8r6

Watching all the retarded millionaires they cast for reality shows gives me hope that anyone can be wealthy if they put their mind to it.

RT @zen_habits The Collaboration Matrix or Why 1+1 = 3 http://is.gd/1ZLgj

Just back from the drumming circle in Prospect Park. Did u know they have a children's corner there every Sunday w/facepainting & balloons?

Cheese has morphine in it? Well, that explains my addiction http://bit.ly/21bOc8

@workingmomfence @foodiemommy @gawker RT Prissy Food Bloggers Hate Food Blogger Movie http://gawker.com/5325827

Barbara Ensor's clay animation class 8/14-24! http://bit.ly/CYLeG + HSM: Barbara Ensor: On Being @ Home In The Slope http://bit.ly/XWc21

So true! RT@unmarketing How a confirmation call kill your website sign-ups (video) http://bit.ly/17TEN6

The following sites are gr8 4 parents of young kids looking 4 projects/ideas! @eensies @noflashcards @playfullearning