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Friday, August 7, 2009

Dreyer Family Band: Kid's Music You Won't Scratch Your Face Off To!

"A Family Project Turns Into a Kids' Music Masterpiece" from ABOUT.COM
"Never before has an album bathed in such warmth been so darn cool."
"One of the best kids CD's of 2009" from KIDS MUSIC THAT ROCKS

In this case, a family that plays together truly rocks together. Of the many great kids bands the Dreyer Family Band has the perfect balance between adult/child entertainment. All the joy and and excitement without having to calm your kids down for hours after the show. It's a blend of earthy & quirky, without being corny. Listen for yourselves HERE. It's become a favorite of ours. We listen to it at home & in the car and it always puts us in a great mood!

The Dreyer family recently moved to Park Slope, Brooklyn. Hip Slope Mama took some time to welcome them and chat about living in the Slope. We also asked them about the inspiration to create their new album Family Photograph (you can purchase it HERE!):

HSM: When did your family move to Park Slope & how do you like it so far?
Dreyer Family Band: We moved in May 15 after downsizing our life from a house upstate and a West Village apartment. We love it here and I can NOT stop pinching myself. I happened upon Puppet Works the other day - I mean really... a whole building dedicated to puppets - 3 blocks away 'CMON!!! Some nights before she falls sleep, my two-year old Finley says "I like it here." We are enjoying this enchanting summer while we wander and fall totally in love with Park Slope.

HSM: What made you decide to put together this album? What was your inspiration?
Dreyer Family Band: It was magic and happenstance. We happened to have our recording studio upstate (in our converted garage:). Annie and Matt wrote and were playing these songs with their kids in their living room every night in San Diego. They played them for us in July during a family trip in July '08 and we were all like "hmmmmm - we could DO this!". Matt flew out to NY in September and we recorded the music with a bunch of great musicians. In October the whole San Diego bunch flew out and we spent nine hilarious, creative and totally magical days recording vocals. As far as inispiration... as Annie said in another interview: "This record is our children and us and, hopefully, your children and you and everyone. This record to us is LOVE (cheesy as it sounds),it’s the love in creativity, in togetherness, in nature, in memories. I hope other families feel it, and I definitely hope someone out there sings “Covers” to their babes the way we have to ours. And I hope that if the words aren’t quite exactly right for them, that they write their own songs that fit perfectly. That’s what we did."

HSM: What's your favorite song on the album & why?
Dreyer Family Band: Each member of the family answered this one:

Matt - How to Be Happy, "I love it because it is Annie and my way to explain how we have stayed together for 21 years! Plus I got the banjo part right (in honor of Neil Young’s 'For the Turnstiles'). Emmett’s high vocal harmony is pretty outstanding too."

Emmett - Imagination, "Pop sings it for me, and I love classic rock."

Mac - You Get What You Get. "It's hilarious."

Craig - Home, "Mac just kills me and the track has the 3 dimensional feel I'm always looking for in my recordings."

Cami - The I Love You Song "It's the one that started it all," Cutie Baby, "because it marks the time when Finley was a little baby like nothing else - I even call her 'bouncy ball' at times."

Annie - The I Love You Song in a tie with Big Green Tree, "I think both are what its all about!" Silas- Mad (everday for a YEAR!!)
Baby Fee- Home...imagine a litte two year old redhead singing, "home, home, home":)

Nana - (she's not technically on the record but definitely a part of the record...) Totem Party"What is it about Totem Party? Because it says a little something about each and everyone of the family."

HSM: What are your backgrounds in music?
Dreyer Family Band: Craig and Matt have played all different kinds of instruments since they were 10. Currently Craig is a professional saxaphone and keyboard player here in NYC and owns Mighty Toad recording studio in Brooklyn. Matt plays the banjo like a fiend these days. Annie started writing songs in the spring of '08 the minute the idea occured to her that she could and hasn't stopped. Cami had an entire school life in choir K-12; Mac is 12 and has been taking piano since she was 4 and is currently passionate about the guitar she that got for her birthday this year. Emmett has also been taking piano since 4 years old. Silas and Finley - the babies - are studying music theory. (just kidding - though they do laugh and cry with great gusto and skill on the record::)))

HSM: What do you think is the recipe for good kid's music?
Dreyer Family Band: Simply, I think it is just that... GOOD music. Good lyrics, good melody, good musicians, good intentions, good feelings.