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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Scope the Slope: BKLYN Larder, Lily and Goldy & Mac

BKLYN Larder

I visited BKLYN Larder, the new store on Flatbush Ave., a few days ago and enjoyed the clean, white-walled and airy decor. I was pleasantly surprised to see the store full of a variety of hard to find gourmet delicacies amidst the comforting order and minimalism. BKLYN Larder is bought to us by the owners of Franny's, Francine Stephens and Andrew Feinberg. They created it in order to make the products that are used at Franny's available to the public. Bklyn Larder shares the same value of commitment to sustainable agriculture has been part of Franny’s since it’s inception. Currently, they sell delicious sausages straight from Italy, but they are in the process of making their own sausages and curing their own meats. It takes about a month and a half to cure meats so their signature meats won't be available until after July 2009. They also sell Creminelli hand made salami which is produced in Utah and made in the same way as Italian artisanal salami. The shop also boasts shelf on top of shelf of select olive oils. All the chocolates they sell are made in the US and produced locally. They also have a few items that are only exclusively sold at BKLYN Larder. One of these is a favorite tea that is offered at Franny's called Chaiwalia. BKLYN Larder, 228 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217 (Bet. Bergen St & 6th Ave) - 718.783.1250.

Goldy & Mac - Flirty, feathered hairpieces

There is something so chic and whimsical about wearing a feathered hairpiece. It brings to mind the coquettish, popular trend in the roaring 1920's. A time when women rebelled against society's expectations of young females. Somehow, every time I see this super feminine, revived trend it brings the ideals of being a flapper into the modern world and I love it! Goldy & Mac sell beautiful, delicate feathered hairpieces at their store on Seventh Ave. Check it out! Goldy & Mac, 396 7th Avenue (betw. 12th St & 13th St) Brooklyn, NY 11215 - 718.832.4868

Lily - Mad Imports Opal Clutches

Lily on Seventh Ave., is one of my favorite stores in Park Slope. It carries a great selection of affordable boutique clothing and accessories. My favorite are shirts and dresses from Free People which is a young, hip & bohemian inspired look. They also carry Tulle, Kimono Scarves and Michael Stars. Last week I noticed that the store had stocked up on lots of bags and styles with bold colors and patterns just in time for the summer. The MAD IMPORTS OPAL CLUTCHES (see photo above) by the door seem to be going quickly. They are made Fair Trade in Madagascar of
handwoven raffia with an over sized wood button. The Opal clutch is sophisticated and exotic. A rainbow of colors is perfect for a playful mood and a solid neutral for a more refined look. They are also displaying bold patterned kirtans made of 100% cotton from India (see photo below). These look great worn in the summer with pants or just as a dress with sandals.

Lily - Fun, Patterned Cotton Kirtans

They also sell Flogos, a flat, popular sandal in fun and vibrant colors. Flogos have a padded footbed, an arch support and a thin strap all in a soft lamy material. Who knew you could have so much comfort in such a small package? Lily in Park Slope, 435 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11215 - 718.832.1805 (Closed Mondays).