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Monday, April 20, 2009

Mama Gets Pampered on May 2nd at "Baby Loves Disco"

By Melissa Lopata

I'd been putting off trying Baby Loves Disco (a national monthly disco dance party for families with kids 6 mos to 7 years old and their friends - You can find a location near you & buy tickets at the link above). I guess I was hesitant about  it because I wasn't sure if the whole experience would be worth the price to get in. I mean how much fun could it be to hang out in a dark night club (that was intended for adults) in the middle of the day while swaying to disco music with a baby in your arms? I was so wrong! My husband & I went to the Baby Loves Disco event last month at Southpaw (125 5th Ave.) in Park Slope, Brooklyn and we were pleasantly surprised. 

There was an A-List DJ there who knew the perfect dance and disco tracks, a bubble machine and hoola hoops for the floor that the kids went crazy for, a full free snack bar (complimented by a full adult cash bar), and tons of free giveaways (from disinfectant handi-wipes to mini footballs, kid's products and magazines for mom). Luckily, when the music and activity got a little too overly stimulating for our toddler (and us) we went downstairs where we found there were interactive toys in a "chill-out" room with books and pillows. 

At one point, the DJ announced that they were having their monthly family dance- off and the prize was a $50 Gift Certificate for H&M! In this economy, if you're the mother of a toddler you know how coveted a prize of free clothing for kids is, especially given the warped speed at which babies outgrow things.  I immediately turned to my husband and with the calculated, no-nonsense look of a competitive athlete shouted "We're winning this!" In a split second, my husband had turned our 1 1/2 year old upside down, and was simultaneously swaying his own body to the sound of "Do You Want to Funk" by Sylvester. He looked back at me with embellished intensity. I took the cue and immediately locked eyes with the judge, giving my best impression of a cool disco diva while trying to avoid tripping over all the diapered, dancing toddlers.  Three songs and 5 ounces of sweat later, the music stopped and we waited in baited breath for the judges decision. As we waited, I eyeballed the competition.  We were strangely confident that we had conquered the dance floor. The judges finally announced that "upside down baby" won! We had won our first family dance competition. So if you think you have what it takes, come down to the next Brooklyn Baby Loves Disco event because we're the family to beat! He-he. 

Next month, Brooklyn's Baby Loves Disco will be at Southpaw (125 5th Ave.) from 2-5pm on May 2, 2009. Reserve your spot and but tickets at 
Baby Loves Disco.

In honor of Mother's Day, Brooklyn Baby Loves Disco will pamper all moms on May 2nd: 

Baby Loves Disco in Brooklyn know moms need reminding to do something nice for themselves...so here's your chance - silence the iphone, set the "out of office" on the computer, declare the taxi cab/mini van "off duty" and c'mon down to the club...we wanna see you kick up those heels, let down that hair and celebrate YOU!
Can't put the multi-tasking button completely on mute?? We have plenty to keep the family groovin' this month including balloons from 
moms like me, face painting by lulu's cuts and temp tattoos from black sheep baby to complete the look. the tea lounge has the mommy fuel for the morning and a chair massage by area emporium is the kind of time out we all wish for. and, of course, a special giveaway for mom!

Love that "straight from the bath" smell? 
, purveyor of all things natural, clean and yummy, has just launched a complete baby line that will make your nose want more.  grab your free samples of the baby shampoo and kick-butt stain remover on May 2nd.  

celebrate the one who brought us into this world...we love you, mama!