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Sunday, February 1, 2009

5 Green Tips to Choosing the Right Gift!

Saudia Davis

We all know that love is not about gift giving but we highly recommend giving your significant other a gift! It is suggested that you take some time and find the gift that reflects your values as a couple. If you are socially responsible and environmentally conscious, we have 5 bits of information you should take on your way to pick up that special gift!


Ten percent of all engagements happen on Valentines Day. If you are looking to pop the big question, we implore you to find the right diamond for your partner and for the environment. Please verify with your retailer that they only sell conflict free diamonds. Be sure your retailer provides you there policy in writing on official stationary. Do not take the Kimberly Process as proof alone because it does not take into account violence against children and the environment. Retailer guarantees are nice, but aren't enough. Independent validation documents should be provided to give you the peace of mind to know your diamond is conflict free.


Many people do not know this but the flower industry is one of the most toxic in the bunch! Roses are often sprayed heavily with pesticides and picked by exploited workers in developing countries. We recommend you purchase roses from your local flower nursery; this will avoid the emissions from the flowers travelling long distances. Also, ask for organic flowers, and be sure that they are for the Fair Trade seals such as Transfair or Veriflora.


We don’t often believe it but our choice of products to buy affect people's lives around the world. Chocolate is one of those choices, the type of chocolate we enjoy are often made in conditions that harm workers, communities and the environment. Therefore, organic fair trade chocolate empowers the growers, communities and the artisans.


Lingerie should be sexy, mysterious and fun but unfortunately the textile industry contributes to toxic runoff and poisons ecosystems. With a renewed commitment to sustainability, quite a few natural and toxic free materials are being used to design intimates. We are sure you will be able to find a few of your favorite designers carrying an organic cotton or silk design for Valentines Day.


Many perfumes are mixed with natural and synthetic ingredients. Unfortunately, there are often times a lot more synthetic and toxic ingredient than what is listed on the bottle. Flowers contribute to the fragrances we love but remember those flowers are sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. Check out Skin Deep http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/ and verify the ingredients before you buy that gift.

Or avoid all that needless shopping and do something special with your partner this Valentines Day. By avoiding more consumerism and emphasizing more romance, you get the dual benefit of being green and truly intimate!

Saudia Davis
is the owner of Greenhouse Eco-Cleaning,
a full service eco-friendly residential and commercial cleaning company. For the past two years, they have made it their goal to help a discerning clientele achieve a healthier and sustainable way of living. This has been made possible through the utilization of all natural aromatherapy base cleaning products, the reuse/recycle program and our holistic eco-consultants. They began to market themselves during the rise of two hot trends: rising personal health and environmental concerns, combined with the mass luxury movement. They are designed and priced on the principle of delivering a premium quality service, rather than that of the traditional mass-market cleaning services; our grade a bit higher, but still within reach of the everyday New Yorker. In a city going green, their organic element adds a touch of luxury, allure, and prestige to a quality cleaning experience. Visit them at www.GreenHouseEcoCleaning.com