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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hip Tips from Root Stock & Quade: Wintry Window Boxes

Now that winter is here what to do with those window boxes?

The first frost in Brooklyn tends to be around the week of thanksgiving, and with that autumn pansies, pepper plants and cabbages start looking worse for their wear…

  • take a good pair of clippers and cut off the tops of your plants right at the soil. Doing this will leave the root systems in place creating a base for the next step.
  • Pick up a few bunches of evergreens, (juniper, pine, boxwood are some suggestions ) mix up a few for variation in color and texture. Add some berry branches – rose hips, ilex – for color… but remember these will attract birds and squirrels!
  • Other quick adds: Large sugar cones, ponderosa pinecones, pepperberry or even dried lavender!
  • Using the soil base, insert the branches into the soil creating an ‘arrangement’ – the cold acts as a refrigerator keeping everything looking fantastic well into the new year!
  • For a quick new year’s eve spin, add in some sparkly branches or glittered sugar cones!

Don’t forget to check out Root Stock & Quade's selection of hand crafted ornaments or swing by to pick up their signature root stock wreath at their new location in Clinton Hill!

We're so sad that RootStock & Quade has left Park Slope! (See photo of new storefront in Clinton Hill).

Here is a blurb from their blog:

"for the past nine years park sloper's have walked past a spinning sign on seventh avenue and wondered is it wind driven? is there a switch? and now it is gone. we have officially moved out of the park slope shop and are settling into our clinton hill homestead on 471 Myrtle Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11205 (Phone 718-832-1888).

The long and short of it all is there was a fire in the building - so we've closed up shop. we would like to thank everyone for all of their support over the last near decade as we have grown to become a part of the community. that said... we are not gone.. we are still designing gardens, florals for daily delivery are still showing up on doorsteps throughout brooklyn, and wedding and event decor is still being created... come see us in our digs at 471 myrtle avenue! can't make it by? you can order online or give a call and say hi! we are still keeping our low $8 delivery charge to the slope!"

The good news is they will still be regular Hip-Tip plant & garden contributors to Hip Slope Mama.