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Sunday, November 2, 2008

KIDSRX in Park Slope: Helping The Medicine Go Down For Kids (And Grown-Ups Too)!

Melissa Lopata

On Monday, November 2nd, KIDSRX opened in Park Slope, Brooklyn on the corner of 7th ave and 2nd st (formally the 2nd St Cafe). Everyone in the neighborhood who I've spoken to has been curious to learn more about the concept behind this unique, child-friendly pharmacy.

Hip Slope Mama had the opportunity to speak to the owner of KIDSRX, Bill Brownstein, about the new store and it's innovative approach to making medicine delicious for kids (and grown-ups too). Bill is very excited to be teaming up with PURE ESSENTIALS, a high end health and beauty store. KIDRX is opening in the rear of this wonderful store. Pure essentials is also ready to spoil the neighborhood with the finest products available and all the usual needs.

HSM: What makes KIDSRX different from an ordinary "drugstore"?

BB: KIDSRX is a full service pharmacy, we fill prescriptions for adults! children! And pets! We are a compounding pharmacy which means we can custom make medication to exact doses and offer over 800 flavors and taste combinations. The difference between KIDSRX and everyone else is the effort and flexibility we have in presenting the medication. We prepare medications in the following forms. Tablet, Capsule, Liquid, Suppository, Ice pop, Pudding, Trans dermal gel (absorbed via the skin), Lollipop, Gummy drop, Gummy Bear, Jello dose, and many many more. Most importantly, we create an environment where we become accountable for your family's pharmacy needs. We are completely reasonable and committed to providing the best customer service on planet earth! We strive to never disappoint. We have a commitment to have any medication you may need for yourself or your children the same day you need it or it's on us. We call your doctor, we come pick a prescription up and redeliver, we are equipped to receive electronic prescriptions, we resolve insurance issues for our patients without even having to speak to the patient in most cases. We actually answer the phone and we offer free delivery anywhere in Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn with very few exceptions. You can find out more about us on www.KIDSRX.com.

Are there any possible dangers associated with pediatric compounding such as overdosing, etc.?

BB: There is no additional danger when it comes to compounding. Our Pharmacists are the best in the business! Our system for preparing medications involves a combination of electronic and manual checks and balances.

HSM: Is there a danger in making medication taste like candy?

BB: KIDSRX simply takes something that is already available and makes it palatable and in most cases enjoyable. I get some people who feel medication should not be made to taste good. My answer to that is these people do not have a sick child and cannot relate. There is no way to measure the frustration a parent experiences when a child who needs to take something refuses. We treat a lot of very sick children and these children are taking some very serious medication, besides the cost of the medication, the proper compliance of these medications is often a matter of life and death.

HSM: What are some of the popular flavors and candies that kid's and adults love?

BB: Our most popular flavors include : marsh mellow, cherry, chocolate, watermelon, peanut butter, and butterscotch. Our most popular dosage form in most cases is a liquid. Liquids are easy to swallow and offer the quickest and (painless) route of administration.

HSM: Do you also make sugar-free versions of these customized formulations?

BB: Yes we do! We can make sugarless versions, we can also create carbohydrate free versions. Additionally lots of commercially available medications come with high alcohol content, We prepare alcohol free versions, as well as dye free and preservative free versions (this is possible because less shelf life is needed as most medications are made for short term therapy).

HSM: Park Slope is a great location for KIDSRX because there are so many families here with young children. Do you plan to offer special promotions or events geared towards families?

BB: I agree Park Slope is a great location. We will be taking care of the entire family! We are very excited about being involved in the schools (fundraisers, auctions, fairs), and different groups in the area. We have given talks to many mother's groups and we have an entire lecture series geared to families and mommies. We have talks geared to the Daddies, Nannies...etc. We are giving away a first aid kit that fits in the stroller just for coming in and registering the family with us.

Melissa Lopata is the creator of Hip Slope Mama. She is a former Corporate VP for a Fortune 5 company, who became a stay-at-home mom. Melissa is thrilled that HSM has taken on a life of it's own as a unique community website for all the interesting, vibrant and creative women who live in the area. She uses this site as a gateway to set up dynamic local "Mothership Events" that enlighten and empower women. She is the mother of a 1 year old and lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn.