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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Casting Call for Eco-Makeover Show (Looking for Families in Tri-State Area)

The casting producer for a national eco-makeover show produced here in NYC has contacted Hip Slope Mama. The show is called Wa$ted (by Lion TV) and it airs on Planet Green, a Discovery Company. Wa$ted is an eco-green, home makeover show. They are currently casting their 2nd season and they are looking for energetic, unique, and diverse households in and around the tri-state area that might be interested in learning how to be a bit more green
. The mission is to show the viewing audience and the show’s participants’ ways and means by which they can reduce their impact on the environment and frequently save money in the doing. The program is fun but with a clear message. This is a great opportunity for Hip Slope Mama readers.

The ideal households are those who may not want to go green or are hesitant to buy into the green movement or maybe they are interested in being green but feel overwhelmed by all the information and options that are out there.

Wa$ted is in its 2nd season for Discovery’s Planet Green. The goal of the show is to teach people to be less wasteful and to be more green. The host, Annabelle Gurwitch, along with her sidekick, Holter Graham, want to show people how easy and fun it can be to save the environment and save money. We want to show that through some simple changes to your house and your lifestyle you can reduce your carbon footprint and save money without sacrificing your luxury and comfort. The eco-makeover will involve lifestyle tips, cool gadgets and products, and superficial changes to the home. And the best part – we help you save MONEY! With the potential to WIN money based on your success.

Wa$ted focuses on a spectrum of environmental issues within households from their waste, energy, water and transportation consumption. With the help of our green experts we narrow in on certain problems facing each family that are both hurting the environment and the homeowner's bank account. Drafty windows, a television blasting around-the-clock to keep a pet company, spoiled food from over-purchasing -- you name it. Each episode offers dozens of customized, unconventional solutions in the form of appliances, gadgets and easy-to-maintain tips and tricks on how to best shrink ecological footprints, conserve energy and produce less trash, which in turn saves the homeowners (and viewers) some serious cash, both upfront and over the years.


  • Must own home or apartment
  • Must live within 2 hours of NYC
  • Shooting is 2 days – with some additional time over the course of the month

If interested please contact Joey Lucas, Casting Associate Producer of Wa$ted - Planet Green (Lion Television) 212-206-8633 ext. 3852.