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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Develop Don't Destroy - Fight Against The Atlantic Yards Project - Brooklyn's 4th Annual Walkathon Fundraiser

On Saturday, October 18th, a team of Park Slope neighbors will be taking part in Walk Don't Destroy 4, Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn's 4th annual walkathon fundraiser for the legal fight against the Atlantic Yards project - and we hope you'll join us.

The walkathon will take place in the early evening, and we'll be conducting a candlelight vigil of sorts as we march through the Atlantic Yards footprint.

All the money raised by Walk Don't Destroy 4 will fund the ongoing lawsuits, one challenging the state's faulty environmental review and blight study and the other fighting the use of eminent domain to take land from homeowners, tenants and business owners.

Both court cases got big boosts recently. On September 16th, a New York State judicial panel hearing the appeal of a lawsuit filed by 26 community organizations (including Park Slope Neighbors) appeared quite skeptical of state claims about blight. And just this past week, DDDB announced that another state Appellate Court had denied a motion by the Empire State Development Corporation to dismiss the lawsuit in state court challenging the state's use of eminent domain. That means that both cases will extend at least into 2009 - if the financial support for the legal cases continues to flow.

Which is why we're taking part in the walkathon, and why we hope you'll join us in contributing to the effort and raising donations. You can get started right now by clicking on the following link:


All the information you need to get started and all the details you need to know are right there on the website. Please join us!