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Friday, October 17, 2008

Brooklyn Comments on Final Debate!

Last Wednesday, Hip Slope Mama was at the SuperVegan.com Presidential Debate Watch Party to cheer/sneer at the final showdown between "that one" and that one at Red Bamboo Brooklyn in Fort Greene.

I couldn't think of a better place in Brooklyn to get a real temperature check of how our neighbors think the two candidates are doing. Plus, we got to enjoy a great vegetarian (mostly vegan) barbecue! Who would of thought? SuperVegan put it best: "Where else would you be able to enjoy a full bar and vegan goodies like Red Bamboo Brooklyn's famous creole soul chicken, buffalo bbq wings, and cajun fried shrimp while you cringe in anger and barfiness while that man with the not so steady hand from the Palin '08 ticket calls you one of his "friends"?

Since our trust funds and stock portfolios have plummeted thanks to 8 years of dog-gone-it, mavericky Wall Street deregulations, this was a pay your own way party with no subsidies or bailouts."

Here's a link to photos of the party: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sayheypatrick/sets/72157608080743665/ and some comments Hip Slope Mama was able to get from the people who watched the debate that night at Red Bamboo:

"McCain came off as ornery, angry and unpleasant, continuing a strategy of nasty attacks on Obama that has gotten him nowhere so far. This debate was perhaps the most entertaining of the three -- which isn't saying much -- but it was also the most vacuous. Let's just get on with the voting already."
- Hilda

"Bob Schieffer was an amazing moderator--more graceful, more pointed, more authoritative, and more entertaining than any of his predecessors. While Obama and McCain didn't touch on much new material, they both seemed more passionate and focused about presenting it. And Joe the Plumber stole the show, providing remarkably consistent comic relief." - Jason

"Once again Obama won hands down. McCain proved that he can't handle himself under pressure--he was puffed up and ready to strike from the start. Obama looked straight into the camera and showed the demeanor and wisdom to lead our country out of troubled times. Cannot wait until this race is over and President Obama is a reality."- Kymberlie

"The personal attacks were stronger in this debate compared to the others. Fortunately McCain wasn't able to win back any momentum that he wanted. I'm feeling confident for Obama on November 4th." - Brian