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Friday, June 27, 2008

Hip Tips for Summer Window Boxes from Kerry Quade of Root Stock & Quade

Kerry Quade is co-owner of the very hip flower, plant and home accessory store Root Stock & Quade. With over 15 years experience in the flower industry, Kerry's uses her versatile background and deft ability with color and texture to create beautiful floral arrangements and event design of the highest caliber.

Root Stock & Quade is located in Park Slope and Clinton Hill. Co-owner John Rattigan, is well known for his inspired garden designs. Their store has been featured in various high-profile magazines and they've appeared on TV shows like The View.

When it comes to flower arrangements of all kinds, there's no doubt Kerry Quade has picked up a few tricks. Hip Slope Mama asked Kerry, also known as "Mama Quade" around her shop, to provide a few tips on how to add a splash of color and visual interest to your home using window boxes this summer. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, you can revamp plain, somber windows easily and inexpensively with a minimal amount of effort. And if your green thumb is a bit out of shape, don’t worry, Kerry will show you just how easy it is to be green.

Have a window sill?

Step 1: Take a look at your lighting situation super sunny? Not so much?

Step 2: Think about the vessels and make an investment in the containers – Keep in mind they are an accessory to the exterior of your home so choose appropriately.

  • Terra cotta - does not winter over here in the northeast. (Plastic can be light and blow off elevated ledges).
  • Cast stone - more expensive by a long shot but you’ll have them for the long haul!
  • Wood - can find stock and custom made sizes. They are quite durable but certainly not inexpensive.
  • Recycle! - Use a collection of metal coffee cans in bright colors filled with kitchen herbs. Scour Ebay or the Brooklyn Flea for groovy vintage vessels.

Step 3: Set a planting budget and dig in!

Step 4: Think about color/texture
  • Pick a pair of vines to place at either end of the box to trail

Step 5: You get thirsty- so do your plants!
  • Remember to water everyday.
  • Hot Tip: Best to water in the morning. Watering at night is like taking a shower and not drying off and climbing into bed – it promotes fungus and mold in the soil and leads to all sorts of nasty mess.

Tip Sheet!

1) Kitchen Window? Choose herbs! Remember they like sun.
2) Viney goodness: Vinca, Sweet potato,(burgundy or green) Ivy
3) Pick mono or duo chromatic palettes:
  • If you have a Brownstone go with a pink/burgundy palette!
  • If you have a Limestone, super textural green tones are gorgeous.
4) Change your boxes seasonally! Stay tuned for autumn selections.