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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Single Women Beat Single Men in Home Ownership


22% of all home buyers in 2006 were women compared to 9% of single male home buyers, that is a significant difference. These women come in all shapes, sizes and ages.....some are divorced, some are separated, some are widowed, some have children or other partners living with them and some are alone.

Trends that single women home buyers are exhibiting:
* 3 out of 4 spend less than 200k
* Most prefer 2 bedrooms or more
* They are less likely to choose new construction
* They are more inclined to buy in the city over suburban areas
* Will compromise size and cost to be able to have other amenities
* Will not compromise on location or quality of neighborhood
* They prefer condos with well run homeowners associations over single
family dwellings
* Small spaces tend to be more acceptable to them
* They have a stronger desire for security and/or gated access
* Like to engage in social interaction with neighbors
* Wants convenience of close proximity to stores, shopping and fitness centers

This new trend further validates the desire and ability of women to stand on their own. Kudos to them for their tenacity to have the American Dream without the Old American Standard, to be married to buy a home, that just isn't the case anymore!